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May 10th, 2021 –




The North Granville Community Center has purchased and installed an automated external defibrillator (AED). It’s an easy to use medical device tht can analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shockk (defibrillation) to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. You may have seen the AED sign on the side of the Center.
This device provides members of the Center or in the community the chance to save a life before EMS arrives. The device is on the wall in the entrance of the Center and can be accessed bby persons with a door entry or through a call to 911 ( the AED is registered with 911 and EMS as a local resource and they can provide a door code for emergency access if they determine the AED is needed.

Community Center activites during Covid
In an effort to keep our community safe and follow the provincial guidelines events at the community center are on hold or being done differently. Please see below for details on various events.

COVID protocols are in effect in the center, masks must be worn at all times, there is a sign in/out book at the top of the stairs, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. Anyone who enters the building must sign in/out, use the hand sanitizer and clean anything you have used, i.e. gym equipment, tables/chairs, kitchen items etc.
Community Library – the community has always offered a book exchange at the center. Feel free to drop off or pick up new reading material. If you are dropping off book, please follow the book quarantine instructions at the center.

Wanted – We are in need of more book storage at the center for the community library, if you have a bookcase to donate or can build some extra shelving please contact Don or Sara.

Card Night – We are investigating the possibility of restarting card night in September.

Internet at the Center – The Center is now connected to Red Sands Internet service.  Red Sands will be providing this service to the Center at no charge as part of the company’s local community support program.   There is a guest account set up to allow Community members to access the internet from their car or within the center (with a door code).

Wi- Fi name is: NGCenter-guest
Password: Taylor575

This guest account may request the password once you open a web browser.

Center Access – The center is running out of door access codes and will be resetting them. If you wish to keep your existing door code please contact Kellie Saarloos by May 30th. If you require a code, please contact Kellie. Call: 906-620-8007.

Center Upkeep – Dan Amundson will be organizing a repainting of the center exterior this summer. Keep an eye out for dates and times. Any and all help appreciated. An hour or a day, it all makes a difference!

Center Rentals – Please contact Kellie Saarloos to book the center. Call 906-620-8007

Gym Equipment/basement Access –We will be relocating some of the gym equipment upstairs from May-October for member use. During May – October TREC has office space in the basement. This year, in an effort to keep things more distanced, the basement will be off limits to any non-TREC employees.

The North Granville Center holds the annual general meeting each year after the end November (the Center’s business year runs from Dec 1st to Nov 30) to provide an opportunity for everyone in the community to attend and see the presentation of the treasurer’s report, plans for the coming year and election of executive and board members. This year’s executive and board consist of Don Maynard as president, Kellie Saarloos as rental and gym access coordinator, Clayton Smith as treasurer, Sara Courtney as secretary and board members Rochelle Sullivan, Trudy MacLeod, Jessica McKenna, Dale Amundson, Dan Amundson, and Sandra Graham.

If you have any questions please contact Don Maynard 886-2071 or Sara Courtney 916-3476

The North Granville Community Center and the Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC) have worked collaboratively in the North Granville area for many years. The TREC staff set up their office location in the basement of the Center this summer. TREC has also moved a small storage shed to the property. This is a mutual support arrangement for the Center where TREC is contributing to the Center operating costs.
TREC is now seeking corporate sponsors and memberships for their worthy projects and operations. You can contact the TREC Director at 902-213-9340,, or find them on Facebook @Trout River Environmental Committee.

Contact Us
North Granville Community Center

575 Taylor Rd
Facebook: @Community of North Granville

Email – We have set up an email list for members who wish to receive email notifications of upcoming events, cancellations, updates etc. Head over to the Facebook page or the community webpage to sign-up and stay in the loop or navigate to this URL: /gSsOjv /gSsOjv

Wishing a safe and enjoyable Summer for all our community members