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October 26, 2017 –


Coming Events

Thursday Night Cards, 7:30 PM
Card play (45’s) is each Thursday night at 7:30 PM, with prizes and 50/50 draw. All are welcome.

Halloween Party at the Center, Saturday Oct 31st, 5:30 PM.
The Halloween Party at the Center is part of the community culture and tradition. There will be hot dogs supplied by the Center and people are welcome and encouraged to bring along any home baked or other snacks they wish.

It is the community tradition that children do not trick or treat from house to house on Halloween night. Instead, people are encouraged to drop off their treats at the Center and on Halloween eve children in the community are treated to a party and treat distribution. Treats can be dropped off at the Center during the day, the Center door will be open or for even more fun come and drop your treats off at the party itself. Bring your carved pumpkins to the hall for the great pumpkin contest. There will be activities for the children. Reminder to all residents that treats can be dropped to the hall anytime during that day for distribution at the party. If you have any questions or want to provide support for the center set up or party please contact Rochelle Sullivan at 886-3356.

Community Potluck at the Center, Saturday November 25th, 5:30 PM
The community potluck supper will be held on Saturday November 25nd, at the Community Center. We have brought event back and are making extra effort to encourage participation as this is a good opportunity to meet your neighbours and newcomers to the community. People usually start to gather at 5:00 PM and supper starts at 5:30 PM. We encourage all newcomers to the community to attend as this is a great opportunity for you to meet people in the community, we do a round of introductions at the start of the meal. If you have any questions please contact Don Maynard at 886-2071. Check on our Facebook page for ideas on food items to bring.

The North Granville Center holds the annual general meeting each year after the end November (the Center’s business year runs from Dec 1st to Nov 30, each year) to provide an opportunity for everyone in the community to attend and see the presentation of the treasurers report, plans for the coming year and election of executive and board members. This year’s executive and board consist of Don Maynard as president, Kellie Saarloos as secretary, Clayton Smith as treasurer, and board members Patti Hawkins, Rochelle Sullivan, Jessica McKenna, Dale Amundson, Dan Amundson, Sahra Courtney and Shawn Hill. Look for further information in future update.

Annual Christmas Gathering ,Sunday, December 17th,  – 6:00 to 7:30 PM
our annual Christmas gathering for the young and young at heart.  Santa will be coming to the Christmas gathering.    Hope to see you there as it is a great opportunity to wish community members a happy holiday.  Look for further information in future update.

Resources available at the Center

Bookings are being taken by Kellie Saarloos at 886-2886 to hold family events or other uses at the Center. Our objective is to have the center open, accessible and welcoming for community use. This spring we installed a keypad lock system at the Center. This lock system has the capacity to track when specific key codes are used to open the door. The objective of installing this lock system was to replace the need for keys to be copied and signed out specifically for those that wanted to use the exercise equipment at the Center (there never seemed to be enough keys). So we are encouraging any community members who wish to have access to the exercise equipment on a first come first serve basis, that they contact Kellie and she will get you to sign out an access number that is attributed to the person and can be tracked by the lock system when used. We have added additional security lighting for the door so as people can get easy access.

Exercise Equipment – Two treadmills and two recumbent bicycles
Available for use on a first come first serve basis during the day or evenings.  There is no cost for use. A key code can be obtained from Kellie Saarloos by contacting her at 886-2886 and signing out a code, then you can come and go as you please.

News Summary

COMMUNITY CENTER is on Facebook.
The North Granville Center now has a page on Facebook at @ Community of North Granville. We look for this page to help get info out and receive input for the Center.

IMPROVEMENTS in our water quality at the COMMUNITY CENTER
The North Granville Community Center is pleased to announce that we have invested in a water treatment system to remove the water dis-color and odor. While the previous water was safe to drink it was not very appealing. It is the Board’s objective to invest in these types of items to improve and promote the use of the Center.

The TREC staff have moved their office location for October to the basement of the Center with a mutual support arrangement for the Center where TREC is contributing to the Center operating costs.

Check our news page for more information.


Many thanks to all the volunteers that are providing support by taking their turn to cut the grass, open the Center and that have and continue to assist on Thursday night card play.